5 Ways to Save Money on Your Utility Bills

March 29, 2017

Fluctuating utility bills are a problem in the Midwest. The winter temperatures are up and down and the fall and spring are hard to predict. Inconsistent temperatures make it hard to keep the air and power in your home at a constant level. Look to these five tips to save money on your utility bills this spring.

1. Turn the Thermostat Down

The easiest way to save money on your utility bills is to watch your thermostat. As Mid-Missouri summers get hotter, the air conditioning tends to run longer. The same is true about the cold weather winters. Everyone has their own comfort levels, so gauge your indoor temperatures based on that level.

Aim to keep your thermostat between 75-79 during the spring and summer. This will keep your home comfortable while also being cool compared to outside.

2. Turn the Thermostat Off

Try turning your thermostat off now and then during the month to see how much you can save. The two most common times that people can turn their thermostat off are when they leave the house or the temperatures outside are mild. Mid-Missouri spring temperatures range from low 60’s to high 80’s. Adjust your home’s energy use accordingly.

If you leave your home for several days, don’t forget to turn the thermostat off. This will save you money and give you the chance to adjust the temperature to the right level when you return home.

Don’t forget to turn the lights and fans off when you leave your home too. Leaving the lights on or the fans running will quickly increase your bills.

3. Clean the Lint from Your Dryer

This small step can quickly decrease your monthly bills. Cleaning the lint out of your dryer screen and vent will help your system run more efficiently. This will save energy over time and will also increase the lifespan of your dryer. The harder the dryer has to work, the warmer the system gets. Cutting out any extra heat in your home during the summer will help with air conditioning costs as well.

4. Cut Down Your Water Usage

Homeowners are constantly running water throughout the course of the day. For homeowners, water tends to be overused cleaning the dishes, showering, doing laundry, and watering the plants. Look to these water saving tips for a starting point:

  • Shut the faucet off while you brush your teeth
  • Avoid doing half-loads of laundry
  • Don’t let the water run while you do the dishes

Water Saving Tip: Change the shower heads across your home to low-flow heads. This will reduce the amount of water you use every day. The average shower in the United States last 8.2 minutes and uses 17.2 gallons of water. If you want to save money on your utility bills, this is a great place to start.

5. Insulate Outlets and Light Switches

This smaller project is one that’s often forgotten about because people don’t realize that outlets and switches can be sources of air leaks. But outlets and light switches need to have insulation added to them, especially when they’re on an outside wall. Just make sure you get specialized outlet and switch plate seals, which can found inexpensively at any hardware store. The insulation is made specifically for outlets and switch plates, so you don’t have to worry about fire.

Overall, the best way to save money is to be aware of areas that it is commonly wasted. The more comfortable you can keep your home without using energy, the more money you will save. If you are unsure of where your home wastes money on utility use, schedule an energy audit today. Our average customers see as much as a 30 percent decrease in their monthly utility bills.