Made In America: Clean Energy Jobs

July 27, 2016

Month by month the clean energy economy continues to grow, creating new job opportunities for tens of thousands of Americans along the way, according to a new report from the non-partisan, nonprofit Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2).

E2’s Second Quarter 2012 Clean Energy Jobs Roundup shows that from April 2012 to June 2012, more than 70 companies, cities, and organizations announced clean energy projects across the United States. Projects highlighted in the report could create more than 37,000 new jobs.

During the second quarter of this year, California led U.S. states in creating clean energy-related jobs. In particular, construction on a light rail transit corridor in the City of Los Angeles is expected to create more than 18,000 new jobs, while increasing public transportation options to connect local communities.

Nearly one third of job announcements came from Midwest states like Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois. In Blair, Nebraska, Novozymes North America opened a new plant where enzymes will be manufactured to convert various feedstock materials into biofuels. The Blair facility — supported by a $28.4 million clean energy manufacturing tax credit — will employ about 100 local workers in fields like chemical engineering, information technology, and operations.

In power generation, America’s solar market continued its upward trajectory with solar installations up more than 85 percent compared to the same period last year. In June, Abengoa Solar announced plans to build one of the largest photovoltaic plants in the world in Imperial Valley, California. The 200 MW solar installation is expected to create as many as 150 jobs during the design and development stages.

As our clean energy economy continues to grow, the report clearly demonstrates the importance of an all-of-the above energy strategy that supports clean energy investments – and creates more job opportunities for more Americans.

Want more highlights from the E2 report? Then check out our brand new infographic: Made in America: Clean Energy Jobs.


Source: Erin R. Pierce, Former Digital Communications Specialist, Office of Public Affairs | Sarah Gerrity, Former Multimedia Editor, Office of Public Affairs |