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Be Energy-Efficient With Your Holiday Decor

November 29, 2016

The holiday season is here once again. It’s time to break out the boxes and boxes of holiday decor, untangle the yards of tinsel, put up the shedding Christmas tree and, of course, clip the holiday lights along the roof. Energy costs aren’t on the brain as you test the old incandescent lights only to find them half lit. It may be time for some new holiday lighting, and this year you should consider making an energy-efficient purchase to save you a bundle.

Energy-Saving Tips

There are so many simple ways to save energy, and saving energy means saving some major money. Here are some great ways to become energy efficient this holiday season.

Buy LED Lights
Photo of a multicolor strand of LED lights
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It’s easy to buy the cheap box of off-brand lighting strands, but in reality you’ll be throwing more money out the door with it. A regular 100-count string of incandescent mini lights uses about 40 watts of energy while a 70 count of wide angle LEDs uses only 4.8 watts total. This makes the cost of running incandescent lights up to 90x more expensive than running LED lights.

Here are some more benefits of using LED lights:

  • LED lights last up to 100,000 hours versus the 3,000 hours incandescent lights maintain.
  • They aren’t made of breakable glass or filaments. LED lights are made with durable materials that last and are safer for your family.
  • LED lights are easier to install. You can attach multiple strands to end-to-end, and they won’t blow our your socket.

Use a Timer

Controlling how long your lights are on can save your some additional energy. Keeping the lights on from when it turns dark to the early hours of the morning is a pretty lengthy time. You can save a bundle by keeping lights on for only 8 hours in the evening, and this is possible with a timer.

A timer can automatically turn on and turn off your lights based on whatever times you preset it to. Efficiently enjoy your holiday lighting at a time you can actually see them.

Use Extension Cords

Instead of using extra lighting strands to add length to your display, consider plugging in an extension cord in a hidden spot. Make sure to use extension cords with similar amp capacity to your lighting.

Don’t Forget About Indoor Lighting

LED lights are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Their brilliant color and wide variety make them the perfect choice for your Christmas tree, stair railings and wreaths. Replace your indoor light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs to save even more. They last 12 times longer than the traditional bulb and use a quarter of the electricity.

Continue to enjoy your decorated household and lit up exterior, but do it while saving money. Simple switches to more energy-efficient lighting can save you energy, time and money, so toss the old incandescent lights to the curb this year.

If you are wanting to lower your energy bill even further this holiday season, it may be time for an energy audit. The professionals at Home Performance Experts provide quality energy audits and comprehensive home inspections that offers a quick response to any problems your home may have. Save even more money this winter, and give HPE a call today!


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