Home Performance Experts has been the Number #1 ranked Weatherization Expert in Columbia, MO for two years running. All our services are comprehensive, detailed, and timely. We are fully certified and always reliable, we care about your home and take pride in every job we do.

Owner, Dan Riepe, has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Geography from Northern Illinois University. He worked for the University of Missouri (MU) for 4 years helping the Energy Management Department develop an Asset Program Management System for the underground utility system before launching his own business in 2009. He is a Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI) Certified Energy Auditor, approved contractor with the City of Columbia’s Home Performance with Energy Star Program (HPwES), and is also a certified Missouri Home Energy Auditor with the Department of Natural Resources. The main certification and quality control organization for this industry is the Building Performance Institute, of Malta, N.Y., which is an organization that offers training, certification and accreditation to all auditors on a national level.

"If everyone makes small changes at home, it all contributes to a healthier environment"

MU’s focus on energy efficiency inspired Dan to become active in the ‘green’ industry. Dan enjoys the daily interaction with home owners and taking the time to help educate them on how to save money and resources. Investing a little time and effort into a home now will start saving energy and reducing utility bills in the long run. Sustainability for the future which includes lowering our dependency on foreign oils, all starts in the home. His approach is "if everyone makes small changes at home, it all contributes to a healthier environment".

Home Performance Experts is a locally owned and operated company that prides itself in being a leader in the local Home Performance with Energy Star Program. HPE performs in-home comprehensive, diagnostic energy assessments with full infrared scanning to identify all the areas in a home that can be improved to help cut energy costs and increase the comfort of your home. We identify and prioritize all air leaks, drafts, insulation deficiencies, and test your existing furnace and water heater for proper combustion and safety. HPE is locally and state certified, which qualifies the homeowner for all available rebates and incentives. We look forward to working with you on your home's energy efficiency improvement project!

HPE is locally and state certified, which qualifies the homeowner for all available rebates and incentives.

Non-structural measures that improve a property's energy efficiency are known as weatherization measures. These can include insulation, air sealing and some of the other sub-categories found within the weatherization category in the directory. Along with reducing energy usage, these measures can result in improved comfort and, if performed correctly, improved indoor air quality.


It can cost the City of Columbia approximately $250 to rebate a homeowner for reducing the electric use per kW of electricity. On the other hand, it can cost the City as must as $5,000 per kW to build a new power plant in town to meet an ever increasing demand for power. This doesn’t even address the tremendous negative environmental impact of building and operating a second power plant in the City of Columbia. The HPwES program’s homeowner incentive for energy efficiency improvement pays everyone back.


Home Performance Experts participates in the Columbia Water & Light Department’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program and their QA program. Together, we are committed to performing at the highest level of quality possible and providing the best service to the homeowners. All reporting is reviewed by CWL and submitted to the national program to ensure all customers receive the top standard of results and the largest return on their investment possible. 

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